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GM quality is already acknowledged as the best in the World but with over 125 years of craft experience, we know that we can always improve.

Our new DXM process implements the findings of a 5 year research programme into cricket bat materials and manufacturing technology.

Substantial investment in research, expert advice and machinery means:

·         Superior wood conditioning improves the stability and consistency of willow pre-production

·         A new paperless design process using state of the art CAD (Computer Aided Design)

·         Quantum improvements to the vital pressing operation

·         Blade crafting by advanced CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

·         Our unique GM bat selector has been designed in association with the Centre for Sports Engineering Research (Sheffield Hallam University), to help you make a more informed choice on which GM bat suits you.

·         Our unique GM bat engraving service enables you to choose and personalise a new GM bat online through our participating GM 5Star Dealers

All GM English Willow cricket bats are produced by our own craftsmen in our own factory in Nottingham, England using these industry-leading techniques.

The same quality of design and manufacture goes into all cricket equipment bearing the GM logo. Gunn & Moore clothing, footwear, bags, protection, balls and accessories are all acknowledged market leaders, meaning that cricketers of every age and standard can make Gunn & Moore cricket equipment their products of choice with absolute confidence.

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