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Stuart Canvas Products

Cricket Pitch Covers

As the leading supplier of mobile pitch covers in the UK, Stuart Canvas in the last 20 years have designed and manufactured pitch covers for every County Cricket Club.

We have listened to the suggestions of club and county ground staff and have worked to change and improve our original design.

Keeping in mind that most clubs only use one grounds person (or none at all), it is imperative that the individual sections of the mobile covers are easily manoeuvrable. Our prices are extremely competitive and our lead time is reasonably short from order.


Mobile Units

Stuart Canvas manufacture two models of Mobile Cricket Covers, please find below more information:





Three 7.3m x 3.9m Units

Three 8m x 3.9m Units

Puncture Proof Wheels

6 Fixed and 6 Swivel

6 Fixed and 6 Swivel

Tricoflex Hose

75m – 19mm Diameter

75m – 19mm Diameter

Attachment Kit

Optional Extra

Optional Extra


Package Available - Superior



Three 8m x 3.9m Units

Side Sheets

24m x 4m x 2

Run Ups

9.14m x 4.57m x 2

Included in Package

50 x Pegs, 75m Tricoflex Hose and Attachment Kit

Cover Top Colour - Stuart Canvas can provide any standard colour tops. Additional pantone colours available on special request -minimums apply.

Advertising - Our mobile pitch covers also provide an excellent opportunity for advertising, as a sponsor’s name or logo can be printed on the cover(s) before leaving the factory. Alternatively, we can print the required design onto a flat section of ‘canvas’ which can be placed and secured on top of the roof of each section at your ground.

Side sheets - Side and bowlers’ run-up sheets can easily be attached to the mobile cricket covers.

Assembly - We will deliver and install the mobile wicket covers on site on a pre arranged date if required.


Cricket Flat Sheets


Stuart Canvas Products has considerable expertise in pitch protection having supplied flat sheet covers to every Test Ground in this country, as well as to the West Indies Cricket Board for all their major venues.

We manufacture a range of four different lay flat covers to satisfy any requirements from Test match venues to clubs and schools, thus ensuring wickets are protected.


Test - The Test Cover is made from 350gsm textile reinforced PVC, designed to let in light without ‘burning’ the grass whilst containing anti fungicides and anti-bactericides, thus prolonging the life of the square.

Over the years we have made the sheets lighter to make handling easier, whilst still retaining sufficient weight and strength to counteract high winds.


Pro Tech - The Pro Tech Cover is made from a 165gsm lightweight material. As well as the cover being breathable, it also allows sunlight through promoting grass growth. The cover also maintains a constant temperature underneath, thus reducing the amount of condensation.


Semi Translucent - The Semi Translucent cover is manufactured from 350gsm translucent material, robust and ideal for stand-alone flat sheets. The cover is UV stabilised preventing the flat sheet from discolouring quickly. The Semi Translucent sheet has good sustainability, allowing the cover to be left on the ground for a period of days.


County - The County Flat Sheet is manufactured from a 250gsm lightweight, semi-translucent material. It is robust and ideal for stand-alone flat sheets or as side sheets and bowlers run up protection, which are linked to Mobile Covers.

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